These Item Numbers are the Items Numbers you will use on your 5988 or 2404 in the left column

Item #68 Corrosion 
Visually inspect vehicle for indication of corrosion or cracks and/or breaks; NFMC if any Corroded-Through condition or cracks or breaks that would affect vehicle operation

Item #69 Tailgate 
Check Tailgate for corroded-through condition and/or damage, if tailgate does not latch securely or is damaged, notify unit maintenance; NFMC if Any Corroded-Through condition or damage that would affect vehicle operation.

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This page contains all the Steps to Perform HMMWV (Humvee) PMCS for the Monthly Requirement for numerious types of HMMWV vehicles for the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. The purpose is to help Soldiers become better Educated and earn quicker Army Promotions by assisting in not only their Army Educations but also their College Educations as well.   It Also contains notes on Maintenance, fluid levels and much more information.  Steps to perform Before, During, After, Weekly and Monthly PMCS Checks with TM Item numbers to enter on the DA Form 5988 or DA form 2404. You No Longer need to Share one TM between 4 Vehicles or Make Copies of a Single TM in the Platoon any longer.  Conveniently use your Phone to go Step by Step during the PMCS Process.  Information is Derived from Army TM 9 2320 280 10, AIR FORCE TO 36A12-1A-2091-1 and MARINE CORPS TM 2320-10/6B

Item #70 Red Cross Plate

(A) Check Cross marking latches and hinges for proper operation, security of mounting, damage or missing components

(B) Inspect stowage compartment door hinge, seal and latch for proper operation, damage or missing components

​Item #71 Shelter Mount Kit
Inspect shelter mounting bracket for security of mounting and loose or missing bolts; NFMC if Any mounting bolt is missing

Item #72 Winch
(A) Check winch controls for proper operation

(B) Check winch cable for kinks, frays or breaks

Item #73 Troop Seats
(A) Inspect troop seats for missing or damaged lock-pins

​(B) Inspect troop seats and backrest for security of mounting; NFMC if Mission requires seats and troop seats are inoperative or damaged

Item #74 TOW Power Cable
Inspect TOW power cable at the point where it exits the battery box, Chafing of the nylon braid that covers the cable is acceptable, if there is evidence that the wire inside is exposed, notify unit maintenance

​Item #75 Zippers

(A) Check canvas top and door zippers for corrosion and/or damage

(B) Apply interlock lubricant to canvas top and door zippers

​Item #76 Skid Plates

(A) Inspect skid plate and shield for bends, breaks or cracks

​(B) Inspect shields for loose fasteners, or damaged or missing components and Tighten loose fasteners, or replace damaged or missing components


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