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​​"TOP's" Guide to Increasing your College Promotion Points

​​  Civilian Education: Worth up to 100 Promotion Points (Read Below to find out how you may already have over 50 points Now) The purpose is to help Soldiers become better Educated and earn quicker Army Promotions by assisting in not only their Army Educations but also their College Educations as well.  When I sent in my Military Education, I was awarded 58 College Credits.  It took less than 2 weeks to receive the College Transcript after sending them my information and paying them their fee to convert to College Credits.  If you want to know the name of the College, please email me at and will be glad to help any Soldier in any way possible. 

​     By Far the Fastest and Easiest of the areas to add and increase points is through Civilian Education through College by either Online College Classes, Military Evaluations or Clep Exams.  There are several methods to accomplish this.  While some people already have some college and can just add their Transcripts.  

You should no matter what enroll in Online College Classes or take traditional College Courses at the Education Center.  Personally I would recommend the Online Classes as they allow you to study and perform your work at your own pace and you are not locked down to specific hours of being in a particular class.  Either way with the Army's TA it will usually not cost you a dime except for books and there are Many Colleges out there that are Online that will even throw the books in for free if you are using TA.  So take advantage of your Benefit and Enroll ASAP.  The Online Classes are a lot easier than you would think.  With the one's that I have taken, All of the Tests that I took were All Open Book.  It can't get much Easier than that.

     You can also take CLEP exams at the education center which will only take a couple hours of your day.  Spending a couple hours to get 3 promotion points is a lot easier than spending 40 hours in a week long Military course trust me.  But ensure that you study, some of these test can be difficult.

     But the ABSOLUTE easiest and best hands down is to have your Military Training Evaluated by a Civilian College for College Credits.  This for me was the best bang for the buck and for my time by far.  All you will need is a copy of your AARTS Transcript and a College that transfers your Military Training to Civilian Credits.  Some Colleges will generally only charge a small enrollment fee and transcript fee and you could have a Transcript in as little as a couple of weeks.  This fee is the Best investment that you will ever make and you will make this back the first month of your promotion.  There is not a stock on the Market or a Mutual Fund out there that could give you a Rate of Return like this will.

     It only took me couple of weeks after I sent them my AARTS Transcript to them and I was then sent an Official Transcript with 57 College Credits that I was able to add for Promotion.  I did not have to wait until I completed four classes with them or anything.  I just sent in the AARTS Transcript and the money and they sent the Official Transcript and everything was completed in a couple of weeks.  This is hands down the best way for any Soldier to add promotion points to their PPW to get promoted. My Military Training evaluation cost me a total of $250.00 and only took two weeks to get the Official College Transcript in my hands.  There isn't a Stock or a Mutual Fund that will Pay you like you will make on your investment of that small of an amount.  It is like taking out an Insurance Policy to ensure that you get Paid and to ensure that you get promoted.  So YOU should be the one that spends the $250.00 to take out that Insurance Policy and Making that Investment in your Future not the Other Guy.

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