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These Item Numbers are the Items Numbers you will use on your 5988 or 2404 in the left column
​Item # 17 Controls and Indicators
(A) Monitor all Gauges; NFMC if Engine oil pressure reads less than 40 psi under normal driving conditions or less than 6 psi at idle; Coolant temp reads greater than 230 F; Air restriction indicates restriction in Air Cleaner; Voltmeter indicates loss of Voltage
(B) Check Speedometer Operation

​Item # 18 Brakes 
Check Brakes for pulling or grabbing; NFMC if Brakes pull or grab

To see the rest of the PMCS item numbers on you phone, download the Apps below.

This page contains all the Steps to Perform HMMWV(Humvee) PMCS During Operation for numerious types of HMMWV vehicles for the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps.  The purpose is to help Soldiers become better Educated and earn quicker Army Promotions by assisting in not only their Army Educations but also their College Educations as well.  It Also contains notes on Maintenance, fluid levels and much more information.  Steps to perform Before, During, After, Weekly and Monthly PMCS Checks with TM Item numbers to enter on the DA Form 5988 or DA form 2404. You No Longer need to Share one TM between 4 Vehicles or Make Copies of a Single TM in the Platoon any longer.  Conveniently use your Phone to go Step by Step during the PMCS Process.  Information is Derived from Army TM 9 2320 280 10, AIR FORCE TO 36A12-1A-2091-1 and MARINE CORPS TM 2320-10/6B

​Item # 19 Steering
Be alert for excessive sway, leaning to one side or unstable handling.  Check steering response for unusual free play, binding or shimmy; NFMC if Handling is unstable, turning is difficult or free play, binding or shimming detected

Item # 19.1 Accelerator Pedal
Check response to accelerator feed, Check for sticking or binding pedal; NFMC if Pedal is sticking or binding

Item #20 Power-Train
Be alert for unusual noises or vibrations from engine, transmission, transfer, differential, propeller shafts,
axle shafts or wheels; NFMC if unusual noise or vibration detected

Item # 21 Transmission
Check Transmission for proper operation; NFMC if Transmission slips or will not shift 

Item #22 Ambulance Air-conditioner

Turn air conditioner on and set blower to maximum cooling speed settings, Wait 5 Minutes to allow temp

to stabilize and check outlet ducts for cool air; NFMC if Climate conditions require AC and Ac is inoperable and if outlet duct air is not cooler than ambient temp 


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