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Offline version for ADP subjects

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DURING PMCS  Item #5 Gages and Instruments; Check Gages and instruments for proper generator set operation A. Battery Indicator; Normal indication is yellow area while charging is fully charged when in Green area; NFMC if Battery indicator Not in Green or Yellow area B. Frequency Meter; Normal Indication is 60 Hz (red line) when Generator is Loaded; NFMC if Proper Frequency cannot be maintained C. current Meter; Indicates percent of rated output current per phase as selected with ammeter-volt-meter transfer swith.  Meter indication must not exceed 1005 or more than 5% load difference between phases D. Voltmeter; Indicates Generator output: 120, 208, or 240 volts, depending on load connections and as selected on amps-volts transfer switch; NFMC if Desired Voltage cannot be obtained E. Oil Pressure Gage; Indicates engine oil pressure. Normal indication is 25 psig; NFMC if Oil pressure drops below 15 psig

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