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Offline version for ADP subjects

Questions and Answers Exactly as they will be asked at the board.  

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The exact Questions as they will be asked by the Board members.

The Army study guide site where board members questions come from.  This is where you will learn the Questions you will be asked and be able to give the Exact answer they are looking for.  Recently created an Audio version of the Questions since a lot of current Soldiers like to learn thorough Podcast.  Created in 2014 so Soldiers and leaders did not stud old outdated information from the old site where the questions and answers have not changed since 1999. That site literally has such old questions and answers that were made before most current Soldiers were even born.  If you study enough, you will recognize the question and be able to give answer before the question is finished being asked.  So do not study outdated army study guide sites or army study guide apps that have very few and different questions than will be asked at the board.  Board members questions will not come from those Army study guide Apps they will ask you Questions that come from this site or from the Apps that have this site's information.

This is the Army study guide with the most up to date material for ADP, ADRP and all other Board MOI subjects.  

We are "The Source" for Army study guide questions and answers that will keep up with the changing Army and always changing and new publications.  All questions and answers come directly from the most current U.S. Army publications.  The Questions are made from the publication and so Soldier do not have to read and study pdf's that can be over 800 pages long for each of the subjects on their MOI. 


Also inform TOP of new publications and any outdated material on the site or App, to keep all material current. So Soldiers are not learning old or wrong information that will help them be better leaders. 

Also, do not hesitate to contact TOP if there is a board topic or subject that you would like to see added to the site or Apps.  Email  ​

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Do Not produce local unit study guides because the information is always changing and the locally made study guide will be quickly outdated.  So don't have our future leaders studying information that has already changed and will not help them knowing wrong information and give that wrong information to our young Soldiers.  

As Leaders, we must get out of that mind set of having our future leaders studying old or outdated information.  Instead we have an obligation to have them learning current information ensure they know the right information as they mentor our young Soldiers.   

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​​This site and Apps are the most up to date questions for the army study guide available anywhere.  So do not study outdated material from other sites or apps where the information has not changed since 1999 and the questions will be different from what the board members ask you.


The most updated Army study guide podcast type app now for those that like to listen to learn.   

This site is maintained by Active duty and Veteran NCO's. 

This is where the board members questions come from!​

Why the site and Apps were created!

The Questions and Answers for the site and Apps were made because previous sites and Apps were completely outdated with information that was from the Vietnam era.  Also, as leaders we were tired of our own Soldiers studying outdated material and us asking them those old outdated questions just because the MOI said so to us a certain site.  Our Soldiers were literally studying questions that were older than they were.  And we have also personally witnessed just how difficult studying directly from Army Doctrine Publications (ADP and ADRP's) were for our Soldiers when the direction come down not to use the old Army study guide site we had used since 1999.  Even the Army CSM knew that those questions were back when he was a PVT.  We also noticed that the board members were not asking the questions exactly the same way with each soldier.  It was like they were winging it just to make up a question for the board.  So we wanted to standardize the Questions so Soldiers would recognize them and not get a changing question. This way Soldiers would recognize the exact question when asked by a board member and be able to give the correct answer the board member would also recognize from this list of Question and Answers.  The overall goal is to give Soldiers and Board members a good, current and relevant source of information, with the intent of Soldiers gaining a base of knowledge to better prepare them to become our future Army leaders and the NCO's to our Soldiers. 

Feel free to email if you would like to see new subjects added or if you see something wrong, outdated or needs correction.  We am happy to accept feedback and requests to ensure that our Soldiers have the resources needed to gain the knowledge to become better leaders.  

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"TOP's" Tips 

Review the  Civilian Education Page . The most important thing you can do besides passing the board is convert your military education to college credits and college classes.  When I did, I recieved 64 College credits just from my military education and all they required was my AARTS transcript and only cost me $250 which I made back first month I was promoted.  This is also one of the fastest ways for you to add or gain promotion points.  You can choose any college that does this and have your Military training converted to civilian college course credits and go from having 0 to possibly more than 50 promotion points in weeks.  The school I used was North Central Institute.  I did that many years ago so I do not know what the current price is or what documentation you will need.  You should also review theTOP's Guide to Getting Promoted . This page is designed to provide you with more detailed information on how to do this.  Email "TOP" with any Questions regarding promotions, counseling, or other career questions at  This site will also assist you in completing your structured self development or SSD, SSD I, SSD III, SSD IV and SSD V.