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The exact Questions as they will be asked by the Board members.

 Military Education: The fastests way to earn points for military education is through Correspondence courses, JKO, ALMS or Skill port courses.  You can earn a total of 78 promotion points for SGT and 84 for SSG through online courses and hands down is the fastest and easiest of any way to gain any points.  After that you will have to earn them through completing courses.  After completing these courses, they are worth 1 promotion point for every 5 hours of courses taken so not bad if they are this easy to complete.  Most of the courses do not take even close to the amount of time that they are idetified as.  For example, you should be able to complete a 5 hour course in 10-15 minutes.  The Points system changes regularly by what the Army's goal is to attempt to get Soldiers to complete and they will entice the completion of these courses by giving more points for completion of certain courses.  For example The Army had a recent problem with Soldiers not completing WLC, so now a large amount of the promotion points are given to WLC graduation for this area.  Generally you will receive 4 points for each 40 hour course that you complete with a DA form 87 certifying completion.  The main thing here is to Volunteer for these Extra Duties and to take these Extra Duties and these Jobs and that you will be rewarded.  This is the message that the Army is sending with the new promotion system.

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Army Skillport Tips and Tricks.  The fastest way to earn easy promotion points for your SGT or SSG Promotion Board.  Below are ways to get through the courses faster and simpler than they normally would take.

Questions and Answers Exactly as they will be asked at the board.  

Offline version for ADP subjects

Below are the Tips, Tricks and Cheats to get you through Skillport courses as FAST as you possibly can.  After all isn't getting through Skillport classes the fastest you can the Goal right? Remember, Skillport can be your Fastest way to earn up to 78 or 84 promotion points so it is also your Best Way to get ahead of your peers competing for the exact same promotion cut off scores.  Not only that but many of them are worth College Credits so it will also help you in the are of Civilian Education once you have your Military Education evaluated so it's like double dipping or getting credit for the exact same thing twice.  The method below isn't really cheating, it is only getting you through the course as fast as you can.  So if there is a way to complete them faster and max out on your points you should take that opportunity while it exists.  Also, this generally only works on the older courses, those listed in completion time of minutes and not hours.  This Site won't give you the Skillport Answers after all that truly is cheating and is not something you would want to do.

​1. After you enroll in the Microsoft Course, Instead of clicking “Begin Course” at the bottom, click “Take Course Test”. This is the way around taking the entire course and suffering through the "Next" button.

2. Once you have completed and passed the Overall course test with a 70% in it you wil then have to go back and take all the Subcourses and recieve a 70% in them as well for them to populate on your PPW.

3. As you are taking the test, then either take pictures with your phone, take notes or screen captures to see what answers you selected. If you fail to get the required 70% in each test then you can retake the test as many times as you want. If you know for a fact that some of your answers were correct then guess on those that you are unsure of. It will usually only take you two-three times of taking the test if you are remembering which answers you changed and what you put before.

4. If you are just having too much trouble actually achieving a 70% on the test, then you can just take the course and just keep clicking "Next". During the course you will be asked Questions (generally these are the questions that will be on the actual test) so make not of them, take a picture or do a screen capture.

5. Below is a List of Recommended Skillport courses based on ease of completion, points values and earning College Credits (if you know of courses that are work a great amount or worth a good amount of collge credit please email TOP at

A. Microsoft Desktop Certification

B. Six Sigma

C. Role of the NCO

D. Courses that pertain to your MOS (this will help you later in your career at the SFC and above level)