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With 43 subjects and over 3,800 questions for all subjects including ADP & ADRP most MOI subjects.  Was required by Google to change the App name but is same Study Guide as before.  The required name change deleted all download totals and all rating & reviews.  Over 16,000 Soldiers previously downloaded and had a 4.4 rating with hundreds of reviews and ratings. 

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​​​​​Where the 1SG's and CSM's board questions come from.  This way you will recognize the question when asked and be able to give the correct answer to the board member.  So do not study outdated sites or apps that have incorrect or outdated questions and answers.  

Study the most up to date material for ADP, ADRP and many mor board subjects.  

We are "The Source" for Army study guide questions and answers.

The site and Apps contain questions and answers for both Army promotion boards and competition boards.  All questions and answers are derived directly from the most current Army publications.  They are also designed so Soldiers are able learn as much of the information without the burden of having to read and attempt to memorize over 800 pages from each of publication and subject. 

We attempt to keep the site and Apps updated with the most current changes and information. 

So please inform TOP of any outdated material on the site or App, to keep all material current. 

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Do not produce local unit study guides as the information is always changing and they will be quickly outdated.

While these can help and make it easier for Soldiers, I have personally seen many units that had local study guides and they were almost always outdated because they were never maintained.  

As Leaders, we must get out of that mind set of having our future leaders studying old information and have them learning current information ensuring their knowledge is relevant to prepare to be Leaders.   

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Also, thank you to those that have already provided MOI'S, counselings and NCOER bullets.

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​​This site and App is the most up to date army study guide available anywhere for ADP, ADRP and many more Army board subjects. So do not study outdated material from other sites or apps where the information has not changed since 1999.

The 2018 Army study guide

Where 1SG's and CSM's get their board questions from!

Who better than a NCO that has both sit boards and won boards to create this? 

Made by a "1SG" that has been a board member of dozens of promotion and competition Boards. 

He has literally been on both sides of the table both asking and answering questions when competing on board.

The site and App was built to help fellow NCO's and future Leaders of our Army.

Why I created the site and Apps????

I created this site and Apps because I felt that previous sites were completely outdated.  Also, as a leader I was not pleased with my own Soldiers studying outdated material or asking old outdated questions.  I have also personally witnessed just how difficult studying directly from Army Doctrine Publications (ADP and ADRP's) were for my own Soldiers and even for the board members.  So I wanted to help both the board members and Soldiers by standardizing the questions and answers.  This way Soldiers would recognize a question when asked by a board member and be able to give an answer the board member could understand.  My goal is to give Soldiers and Leaders a good, current and relevant source of information, with the intent of Soldiers gaining a base of knowledge to better prepare them to become future leaders. 

Please feel free to email me if you would like to see other subjects added or if you see something wrong.  I am also glad to accept feedback and requests to ensure that our Soldiers have the resources needed to gain the knowledge to become better leaders.  

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Review the  Civilian Education Page . The most important thing you can do for promotion is college classes.  This is also one of the fastest ways for you to add or gain promotion points.  You can choose a College and have your Military training converted to civilian college course credits and go from having 0 to more than 50 promotion points in weeks.  You should also review the TOP'sGuide to Getting Promoted Page. This page is designed to provide you with more detailed information on how to do this.  Email "TOP" with any Questions regarding promotions, counseling, or other career questions.  

This site will also assist you in completing your structured self development or SSD, SSD I, SSD III, SSD IV and SSD V.