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AR 190-13Physical Secutity
AR 215-1MWR & BOSS
AR 27-1Legal Services
AR 27-10Military Justice
AR 350-1NCODP (CH 4)
AR 350-30Code of Conduct
AR 381-12SAEDA
AR 385-10Safety & Composite Risk Management
AR 385-63Range Safety
AR 600-20Army Command Policy
AR 600-20Equal Opportunity (CH 6)
AR 600-20SHARP (CH 7 & 8)
AR 600-25Customs & Courtesies
AR 600-63Suicide Prevention
AR 600-8-1Casualty Assistance Program
AR 600-8-8Sponsorship
AR 600-8-10Leaves and Passes
AR 600-8-19Promotions and Reductions
AR 600-8-22Military Awards
AR 600-85ASAP
AR 600-9The Army Body Composition Program
Army SongHistory of Army Song and Chorus'
CreedSoldiers Creed
ChainChain Of Command

AR 601-280Retention
AR 608-1ACS
AR 608-47AFAP
AR 608-85EFMP
AR 614-200Enlisted Assignments
AR 621-5ACES
AR 670-1Uniform Policy
AR 672-20Incentive Awards
FM 21-10Field Sanitation
FM 22-6Guard Duty
FM 24-18Communications
FM 3-50-1Personnel Recovery
FM 3-05-70Survival
FM 3-06Urban Operations
FM 4-02.2Medical Evacuation
FM 4-25.11First Aid
FM 6-22Out Dated Publication
FM 7-22Physical Readiness Training
FM 7-22.7NCO Guide
FM 90-13Desert Operations
National AnthemHistory of National Anthem
Values ValuesArmy Values Definitions
Chain of CommandNCO Support Channel