Also, download other Apps like PMCS, AR 670-1 and the ADP/ADRP subjects study guide. does not use any information that is from it's users.  It does not collect any information nor does it share any information with any other third parties.  This information is only for individuals to use and study.  Occasionally, when a new subject is created or updated, then the information will be sent to current users.  However, we will not ever collect or share this information with anyone.  

Currently on sale on Google play. 

Over 16,000 sold and 4.4 ratting  on Google before being made by Google to change the App name.  Study guide has over 3,800 Questions with 43 different Subjects with questions and answers to study from.

With 43 subjects and over 3,800 questions for all subjects including ADP & ADRP most MOI subjects.  Was required by Google to change the App name but is same Study Guide as before.  The required name change deleted all download totals and all rating & reviews.  Over 16,000 Soldiers previously downloaded and had a 4.4 rating with hundreds of reviews and ratings. 

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