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Monthly LMTV PMCS  Item #66 Spare Tire A. Check that spare tire lowers properly B. Check spare tire for cuts, gouges, and cracks. Remove any object that could penetrate tire.  NFMC if Tire tread is worn even to height of tread bar (depth is 1/8 in. (3 mm) or less). Any cut, gouge, or crack that extends to cord body or any unusual bulges. C. Check that spare tire has not worn beyond wear bar. Replace spare tire (para 3-5) if tire has worn beyond wear bar. D. Check spare tire for correct air pressure. Inflate tire to 60 psi (414 kPa) if air pressure is low. E. Secure spare tire retainer. Ensure spare tire retainer is securely stowed in up position.  NFMC if Spare tire retainer fails to lock in its up position. Item #67 Ether Starting Aid; Check ether cylinder for loose or damaged mounts and hardware. Check ether cylinder and injection valve for damage. Item #68 Rifle Stowage Mount A. Check that rifle stowage top mount and lower mount bolts are not broken or missing. B. Check rifle stowage mount latches for excessive looseness or binding. 
​ Item #69 Amber Warning Light (if Equipped); Check vehicle amber warning light for proper operation Item #70 Hydraulic Manifold; Inspect Hydraulic Manifold for leakage. NFMC if Class III leak is evident. Item #71 Back-up Hydraulic Pump A. Remove handle from tool box and install in back-up hydraulic pump B. Pump back-up hydraulic pump 5-8 cycles (to lubricate seals). Item #72 Tool Box; Check inside tool box for water in bottom of tool box or other obvious damage. Clean inside tool box with wiping rag, as necessary. Item #73 11K SRW Cable (If Equipped) A. Pay out cable completely B. Inspect wire rope, using FM 5-125.  NFMC if Wire rope Fails inspection criteria. C. Check security of winch mounting hardware. Item #74 Cab Lift Cylinder; Lubricate Grease Fitting Item #75 Front Lift Beam; Lubricate lifting Beam Item #76 Spreader Bars; Lubricate Spreader Bars Item #77 Oil Can Points; Lubricate all Oil Can Points

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