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DURING LMTV PMCS  Item #24 Engine Operation; Check for excessive exhaust smoke, unusual engine noise, rough running, or misfiring engine. NFMC if Any of these conditions are found Item #25 CTIS; Check Operation if the CTIS Item #26 Air Dryer; Listen for air dryer discharge when system air pressure reaches approximately 120 psi Item #27 Steering; Check for any unusual steering noise, binding, or difficulty in turning during operation. NFMC if Steering binds or is unresponsive. Item #28 Service Brakes A. Check to see if service brakes stop vehicle. NFMC if Service brakes do not stop vehicle. B. Check if service brakes pull vehicle to one side when applied. NFMC if Vehicle pulls to one side when service brakes are applied. C. Listen for unusual noises (chattering, grinding, groaning, or excessive squealing) during braking. Notify Unit Maintenance if unusual noises are present.

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Offline version for ADP subjects