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PMCS Steps and Item #'s for HMMWV, LMTV and Generators

Item Numbers to Properly fill out the DA Form 5988 or DA Form 2404

AFTER LMTV PMCS  Item #29 Hydraulic manifold; Inspect hydraulic manifold for leakage. Class III leak is evident. Item #30 Cab Hydraulic Cylinder A. Raise Cab B. Check cab hydraulic cylinder for oil leaks or damage. NFMC if Class III leak is evident or cab will not raise or lower. C. Check linkage for damage and missing hardware. NFMC if Linkage is damaged or missing hardware. Item #31 After Cab Hydraulic Latch; Check cab hydraulic latch for damage and hoses for oil leaks. NFMC if Class III leak is evident and cab will not latch. Item #32 Fuel/Water Separator A. Check fuel/water separator for leaks or damage. NFMC if Class III leak is evident. B. Check for presence of water in bowl of fuel/water separator. If there is water in bowl, perform the following steps: (1) Turn knurled nut to the left to open drain valve. (2) Keep draining until only pure fuel is coming out. (3) Close drain valve by turning knurled nut to the right. Item #33 Engine Compartment; Visually inspect engine compartment for obvious damage that would impair Operation. NMFC if Class III leak is evident. Item #34 Engine Oil A. Check engine oil dipstick for oil level.  Level should be Between ADD line and FULL LINE. NFMC if If engine oil is over FULL LINE, discolored, or milky, Notify Unit Maintenance. B. Add oil as required C. Lower Cab Item #35 Transmission Oil A. Start Engine B. Check TRANSMISSION OIL DIPSTICK for transmission oil level. Level should be between HOT ADD line and HOT FULL line. NFMC If transmission oil is over HOT FULL line, discolored, or milky, Notify Unit Maintenance. C. Add Oil as required D. Shut Down Engine Item #36 Hydraulic Reservoir (if equipped) A. Check hydraulic fluid level Item #37 Air Tanks A. With vehicle parked and engine shut down, listen for sound of air leaks around air tanks. NFMC if Air leak(s) heard around air tanks. B. Open air tank drain valves and drain moisture. 
​ Item #38 Tires; Check for missing or improperly inflated tires. Check tires for cuts, gouges, cracks, and unusual bulges. Remove any object that could penetrate tire(s).  NFMC if Tire missing, deflated, or worn to wear bar. Item #39 Horn Button; Check Horn Button for Proper Operation Item #40 Lights; Check headlights, turn signals, taillights, stoplights, marker lights, blackout drive, and blackout marker lights for damage and proper operation Item #41 Light Switches; Place all light switches in the Off Position 

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