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This page contains all the Steps to Perform HMMWV (Humvee) PMCS for a Weekly Requirement for numerious types of HMMWV vehicles for the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. The purpose is to help Soldiers become better Educated and earn quicker Army Promotions by assisting in not only their Army Educations but also their College Educations as well.   It Also contains notes on Maintenance, fluid levels and much more information.  Steps to perform Before, During, After, Weekly and Monthly PMCS Checks with TM Item numbers to enter on the DA Form 5988 or DA form 2404. You No Longer need to Share one TM between 4 Vehicles or Make Copies of a Single TM in the Platoon any longer.  Conveniently use your Phone to go Step by Step during the PMCS Process.  Information is Derived from Army TM 9 2320 280 10, AIR FORCE TO 36A12-1A-2091-1 and MARINE CORPS TM 2320-10/6B


Read This First!!!!  I need YOUR Help to make more PMCS Checklists for other Military Vehicles like this one.  If you email me the Vehichle Nomenclature and the TM Number for the Vehicle you need added (or email me a copy of TM or word document with Item list would be even Better) I will Make the Item list and Put it on the Site.  I want this Site to be Helpful and Beneficial to Our Soldiers so Help me Help Them and you. Personally I am Tired of having to make Copies of the PMCS Checklist or Share one TM it with 5 Other Soldiers to PMCS 8 Vehicles.  So if we have a Tool like this on our Phones then No More 1SG's or CSM's will be asking "Where is Your TM or -10?" and "How can you Properly PMCS without a TM?"  So Next time you can just say you are in the Technology Age and Impress the 1SG or CSM by showing them how Squared Away you are by Staying Technically Proficient and have the Checklist on your Phone.

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These Item Numbers are the Items Numbers you will use on your 5988 or 2404 in the left column 

Item #41.1 Hand Throttle
(A) Check Hand throttle and mounting bracket for security  
(B) Check throttle release button to ensure hand throttle cable operates properly

#42 Tires 
Do not exceed 30 psi for cold bias tires (LT-Bias on side of tire) and do not exceed 50 psi for cold radial tires (LT-Radial on side of tire)

To see the rest of the item numbers on you phones download the below Apps.

Item 42 (A) Check tire tread depth, tread should not be worn beyond level of "Wear Bar", Wear bars are molded across the tread pattern in the valley between the center rib and lugs and TWI letters are molded on sidewall to aid in locating wear bar; NFMC if Tread is worn even to height of Tread Wear Indicator or any cut, gouge or crack that extends to the cord body or bulges

​(B) Measure tread thickness, Tread depth should not be less than 1/16 inch thick; NFMC if Tread depth is less than 1/16 inch

(C) Check for missing or loose wheel stud nuts and lug nuts, Tighten loose lug nuts and have unit maintenance tighten stud nuts and lug nuts to proper torque; NFMC if Any Wheel stud nut or lug nut is broken or missing

(D) Gauge tires for correct air pressure using tire inflation gauge and adjust as necessary

(E) Gauge tires for correct air pressure using tire inflation gauge and adjust as necessary

Item #43 Exhaust System
Check exhaust system for security of all mounts, tightness of clamps and bolts rusted conditions, damaged pipes and any indication of exhaust leak; NFMC if Any mounts are broken, pipes are rusted through or broken and any indication of an exhaust leak

​Item #44 Shock Absorbers
Visually inspect shock absorbers for leads, damage and security of mounting; NFMC if Class III leakage or damage is evident or mounting damaged or loose

Item #45 Doors and Windows
Check operation of doors and windows

Item #46 Tailgate
Check operation of tailgate, tailgate latches securely and operates properly

Item #47 Armament Carriers
(A) Inspect cargo shell door for bends, warping, binding and ease of operation, inspect latching mechanisms for proper operation and lift cylinders for bends and security of mounting; NFMC if Lift cylinders or latches bent, warped, binding or inoperative

(B) Inspect strap assembly for frays and security of mounting

(C) Check Cargo shell door for alignment as follows:
(1) Insert a piece of paper between the door seal and door opening
(2) With door closed, seal should offer resistance to pulling out paper, if no resistance then an adjustment is required

​Item #48 Patient Compartment
(A) Inspect step assembly

(B) Check operation of step latch, latch should securely engage step striker to secure step assembly in the stowed position

(C) Check operation of attendant seat and rail, Inspect seat and rail for damage, missing components, and binding during operation and ensure proper adjustment and operation of seatbelt; NFMC if Seatbelt, attendant seat, or rail is broken or missing

(D) Check operation of ambulatory Patient Seat for damage or missing components

(E) Inspect handhold straps and footman loops for security, damage or missing components

Item #49 Front Arctic Heater and/or rear Troop Cargo Heater
(A) Check heater and Heater controls for proper operation; NFMC if Heater inoperable and mission requires a heater

(B) Check fuel lines and fittings for leaks, cracks or breaks; NFMC if Class III fuel leakage is evident and mission requires heater

​(C) Check electrical cables and connections for security or frayed or broken wires; NFMC if Frayed or broken wires

(D) Check heater exhaust pipe for damage, security of mounting and missing components; NFMC if Heater exhaust damage or components missing

(E) Check fuel filter for leaks or damage; NFMC if Class III leak evident

Item #50 Crew Door

(A) Check crew door assembly for visible cracks that would make door unserviceable or unable to secure properly; NFMC if Visible cracks or door does not secure properly

(B) Check crew door assembly latch, hinges and door handle for damage, looseness or missing parts; NFMC if Loose, missing or unserviceable parts

Item #51 Air Cleaner
Check air cleaner weather cap, air cleaner assembly, air intake hose and air horn for security of mounting and damage; NFMC if Evidence of damage to air cleaner weather cap, body, air intake hose, or mounting that will allow unfiltered air to enter the engine

​Item #52 Alternator Brackets
Visually check power steering and alternator brackets for cracks, damage or loose bolts; NFMC if Damage or cracked bracket or loose bolts

Item #53 Cooling System
(A) Check fan and fan pulley for damage; NFMC if fan Blade or pulley is bent, broken, cracked or loose

(B) check radiator for leaks, clogged or damaged fins and loose or damaged hoses to and from the engine; NFMC if Class III Leakage evident

(C) Check support mounts, side brackets and side brackets weldments on radiator for missing hardware, damage or broken welds; NFMC if support mounts broken, damaged or missing hardware or Side brackets damaged or weldments broken

(D) Check for loose, missing, broken, cracked or frayed drive belts; NFMC if any drive belt is missing, broken, frayed or dry rotted or belt fiber has more than one crack 1/8 in in depth or 50% or frays more than 2 inch

(E) For A2 and M1123 models, check for looseness, misalignment, breaks, splits or frayed serpentine belt; NFMC if Serpentine drive belt is loose, misaligned, breaks or splits in outer surface, frays on either edge of cord is broken

​(F) Check fan shroud for damage; NFMC if Fan Shroud is broken, cracked or loose

(G) Check engine oil cooler and hoses for damage and leaks; NFMC if Class III Leak evident

Item #54 Batteries
(A) Remove companion seat and check batteries for damaged casing, terminal posts and security of mounting; NFMC if one or more batteries missing unserviceable, leaking, terminals or cables are loose, corroded or hold-downs are not secure

(B) Electrolyte should be filled to the level/split ring in the battery filler opening, if fluid is low, fill with distilled water to split ring

(C) Check Battery box for corrosion or water on bottom of battery tray

Item #55 Weapon Station

(A) Inspect weapon station hatch and hinge for bends, cracks, warped or damaged areas

(B) Inspect brake handle for ease of operation

(C) Inspect gunner's sling for tears or frays

​Item #56 TOW Missile Rack

(A) Inspect TOW Missile rack latch assembly and support braces for presence and ease of operation; NFMC if Rack will not support or stow six TOW missiles

(B) Inspect straps for tears and frays

(C) Check for presence of TOW Adapter; NFMC if TOW adapter missing or damaged

Item #57 Gunner's Platform
Inspect gunner's platform risers for binding, ease of operation or missing lock pins; NFMC if Gunner's platform cannot be adjusted

Item #58 Tie downs
(A) Inspect stored equipment footman loops for presence and security of mounting and inspect straps for tears or frays

(B) Inspect stowage brackets, footman loops, and tie downs for security of mounting, damage and missing components

​(C) Inspect all tie down strap assemblies for proper operation, frays, damage, cleanliness and security of mounting

Item #59 Bulkhead Doors
Check operation of bulkhead doors, they should securely latch when closed or fully opened and inspect all door components for damage, adjustment or missing components

Item #60 Environmental Control System
(A) Check security of A/C heater control box mounting

(B) Check Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning filter for dirt or debris, and clean filters of dirt and debris that would restrict air flow

(C) Inspect exposed HVAC system ducts, hoses, fittings, lines, vents and mounting hardware for damage, leaks, missing components and security of mounting

(D) Inspect exposed wiring harnesses for breaks, frayed insulation, loose or damaged connectors, and loose damaged or missing mounting hardware; NFMC if Wiring Harness broken, frayed or damaged or Mounting Hardware missing

​Item #61 NBC System
(A) Inspect exposed NBC equipment for security of mounting, damage and missing components

(B) Inspect NBC stowage compartment door seals, hinges, latches and straps for proper operation, damage and missing components

(C) Inspect M13 patient protective mask, hoses and end connectors for damage, leaks, or missing components and inspect adapter for stripped threads or other damage

Item #62 Canvas and Bows
(A) Inspect cargo cover for tears, punctures and ripped seams

(B) Inspect windows for cracks and scratches

(C) Inspect bows and mounting brackets for damage and security of mounting

(D) Inspect footman loops and straps for tears, frays and security of mounting

​Item #63 Tow Pintle
Cheek pintle hook for looseness, damaged locking mechanism and presence of cotter pin

Item #64 Tow Hooks
Check presence and condition of tow hooks front and rear

Item #65 Trailer Electrical Connector 

Check trailer electrical connector for damage

​Item #66 Parking Brake
Check combination service/parking brake assemblies and inspect parking brake for obstruction of the actuating lever or broken or missing spring; NFMC if Actuating lever or spring is missing or broken Item 

​#67 Item Deleted