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Customs and Courtesies, AR 600-25  

1. What publication covers Customs and Courtesies?
A: AR 600-25; 24 September 2004

2. What does AR 600-25 cover?
A: Military Customs and Courtesies but the Official Title is “Salutes, Honors and Visits of Courtesy”

3. Para 1-5  When must Army personnel in uniform are required to salute?
A: when they meet and recognize persons entitled to the salute

4. Para 1-5 Who will Salute first?
A: The junior person shall salute first

5. Para 1-5 What should accompany the rendering of the hand salute?
A: an appropriate greeting such as, "Good Morning, Sir" or "Good Morning, Ma’am"

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6. Para 1-5 When will personnel Salute indoors?
A: when reporting to a superior officer

7. Para 1-5 When is it required to Salute Officers in Official Vehicles?
A: When recognized individually by rank or identifying vehicle plates and/or flags

8. Para 1-5 When would you not Salute an Officer in a Vehicle?
A: When military personnel are acting as drivers of a moving vehicle, they should not initiate a salute

9. Para 1-5 Who is required to Salute an Officer while they are driving in a POV?

A: Only Gate Guards; unless duties are of such a nature as to make the salute impractical


10. Para 1-5 Who will be saluted by Army personnel in uniform?

A: The President of the United States


11. Para 1-5 What are the six situations when salutes are not required to be rendered or returned by the senior or subordinate?

A: (1) In civilian attire.

(2) Engaged in routine work if the salute would interfere.

(3) Carrying articles with both hands so occupied as to make saluting impracticable.

(4) Working as a member of a detail, or engaged in sports or social functions where saluting would present a safety hazard.

(5) In public places such as theaters, churches, and in public conveyances. 

(6) In the ranks of a formation.


12. Para 1-6 Is the flag of the United States dipped by way of salute or compliment?



13. Para 2-6 What is a Planimetric Map?

A: map that presents only the horizontal positions for the features represented


14. Para 1-6 When will organizational color be dipped in Salute?

A: in all military ceremonies while the national anthem of the United States, "To the Colors," or a foreign national anthem is being played, and when rendering honors to organizations and individuals for which the military ceremony is being conducted


15. Para 1-6 Will the U.S. Army flag be dipped?

A: The U.S. Army flag is an organizational color and as such is also dipped


16. Para 1-6 Who is required to be present to salute with cannon?

A: A Commissioned Officer


17. Para 1-7 When will a salute with cannon NOT be fired?

A: between retreat and reveille, on Sundays, or on national holidays (excluding Memorial Day and Independence Day) unless, at the discretion of the commander directing the honors, international courtesy, or the occasion requires an exception.


18. Para 1-7 What does salute to the Union consists of?

A: 1 gun for each State


19. Para 1-7 How many Guns are required for national salute and the salute to a national flag?

A: 21


20. Para 1-7 What should always be displayed at the time of firing a salute?

A: The flag of the United States, or national color


21 Para 1-10 How must the national flag will be displayed on Memorial Day?

A: At half staff from reveille until noon at all Army installations then Immediately before noon, the band, if one is available, will play an appropriate musical selection, and at 1200 hours the national salute (21 guns) will be fired at all installations


22. Para 1-10 What Courtesy must be performed on Independence day?

A: In commemoration of the Declaration of Independence, a salute to the Union (50 guns) will be fired at 1200 hours on Independence Day at all Army installations


23. Para 1-11 During ceremonies, the performance of a foreign country’s national anthem should be followed by what?

A: After a foreign country’s national anthem will be followed without pause by playing the national anthem of the United States


24. Para 1-12 What will Soldiers do if the Pledge of Allegiance is recited at a Ceremony?

A: During military ceremonies, soldiers will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance


25. Para 1-12 What will Soldiers do at official functions, social events, and sporting events when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited?

A: (1) When in uniform, outdoors, stand at attention, remain silent, face the flag, and render the hand salute. 

(2) When in uniform, indoors, stand at attention, remain silent, and face the flag.

(3) When in civilian attire, stand at attention, face the flag with the right hand over the heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Headgear should be removed with the right hand and held over the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart.


26. Para 3-1 Who will set the time of sounding reveille and retreat?

A: Installation commanders


27. Para 3-1 When will the flag will be hoisted during reveille?

A: the sound of the first note of reveille


28. Para 3-1 When will a gun will be fired during retreat?

A: At the last note of retreat


29. Para 3-1 What will be played at the end of retreat?

A: the national anthem or sound of “To The Color”


30. Para 3-1 When must the flag be completely lowerd at the end of "To the Color"?

A: at the last note of To the Colors


31. Para 3-1 How are the colors displayed during a parade or ceremony?

A: In order of seniority from right to left as viewed from the rear


32. Para 3-5 What is the official song of the U.S. Army?

A: “The Army Goes Rolling Along"


33. Para 3-5 When must the Army song be played?

A: The Army song concludes all reviews, parades and honor guard ceremonies


34. Para 3-5 What traditionally occurs on New Years Day ?

A: It is customary for all officers of a unit, organization, or installation to call upon the commanding officer on New Year’s Day


35. Para 6-15 What funeral honors are active duty and retired soldiers entitled to?

A: Full Military Funeral Honors, consisting of a 9–member team (6 pallbearers and/or firing party, a chaplain, and officer and/or NCO in charge, and a bugler (if available)).


36. Para 6-15 What funeral honors are veterans entitled to?

A: a service detail consisting of at least 2 uniformed military members


37. Para 6-15 What personnel have lost the right of funeral honors?

A: (1) A Dishonorable Discharge.

(2) A Bad Conduct Discharge.

(3) A Dismissal from the Service awarded by court–martial.

(4) An Under other than Honorable Conditions Discharge.

(5) An Officer Resignation in lieu of court–martial, which results in a discharge characterization of Under other than Honorable Conditions

AR 600-25 Military Customs and Courtesies.  

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