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Promotions and Reductions, AR 600-8-19

1. What publication covers Promotions and Reductions?
A: AR 600-8-19

2. What does AR 600-8-19 cover?
A: Promotions and Reductions

3. Para 1-6 What does the acronym PROM stand for?
A: Promotion Work Center

4. Para 1-6 What what is a Promotion Work Center (PROM)?
A: It is the BDE or Installation equivalent Promotion Work Center

5. Para 1-6 What are the three primary work levels for promotions?
A: 1. Unit
2. Battalion (BN)
3. Installation or Brigade (BDE) equivalent in the tactical force

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AR 600-8-19 Promotions and Reductions.  The purpose is to help Soldiers become better educated and earn quicker Army promotions by assisting in not only their army educations but also their college educations as well.  The source for Army Doctrine 2015, NCO 2020 and Doctrine 2020.  The New Army Study Guide.  This site contains questions and answers for Army boards.   It has been designed to assist Soldiers in preparing for promotion boards and competition boards.  All the questions and answers are directly from Army publications and are designed in a way for Soldiers to learn these publications while also preparing for boards.  It is also managed and updated frequently to keep up with changing army publications so please inform TOP if there is outdated material so that he can keep the material relevant and updated.  Also, Please do not hesitate to contact TOP if there is a board subject that you would like to see added. 

6. Para 1-8 What are the three ranks that Soldiers are automatically promoted to?

A: 1. PV2

2. PFC.

3. SPC



7. Para 1-8 To get automatically promoted what must be met?

A: 1. Time in Service (TIS)

2. Time in Grade (TIMIG)

3. Unit Commander must Authorize the Promotion


8. Para 1-8 What two ranks may be placed on the automatic promotion integration list?

A: SPC and SGT


9. Para 1-9 Who is the promotion authority for promotions PV2, PFC, and SPC?

A: Company, troop, battery, and separate detachment CDRs


10. Para 1-9 What must be done to promote attached personnel?

A: Attached personnel may be promoted or recommended for promotion only with the concurrence of the parent unit


11. Para 1-9 Who has promotion authority to the grades of SGT and SSG?

A: Lieutenant colonel (LTC) or above have promotion authority to the grades of SGT and SSG


12. Para 1-10 What are reasons that soldiers PVT-MSG can become Non-Promotable?

A: (1) Convictions by Court Martial.

(2) Soldier is AWOL

(3) Soldier is in Chapter Process

(4) If promotion authority is informed to reclassify a Soldier for inefficiency or disciplinary reasons.

(5) If a Soldier becomes ineligible to reenlist.

(6) Soldier loses Security Clearance or does not have appropriate Level of Security Clearance.

(7) Solider is ineligible to Reenlist or extend to meet a Service Remaining Requirement for the Promotion.

(8) A bar to reenlistment is approved.

(9) Soldier was punished under UCMJ. Soldier will have to wait until all suspensions have been met.  

(10) Soldier has been FLAGGED.

(11) Soldier is Command referred to ASAP. If Self referred they remain promotable unless they use while in ASAP

(12) Soldier has a qualifying conviction for domestic violence under the Lautenberg Amendment

(13) A Soldier has failed, due to his/her own fault to complete necessary training associated with reclassification to a new MOS 


13. Para 1-10 What must units do when Soldiers in the grade of SFC-SGM become Nonpromotable and are on a promotion selection list?

A: CDRs must forward the original FLAGG to HRC


14. Para 1-10 What happens is a Soldier on centralized or semi centralized is flagged and they would have made promotion?

A: After Flagg is removed they will be promoted with date of rank of date Flagg was removed; unless actions were done to remove the Soldier from the Promotion list


15. Para 1-12 How do you determine precedence of rank among Soldiers of the same rank?

A: 1. According to DOR

2. By length of active federal service (AFS) in the Army when DORs are the same

3. By length of total AFS when 1 & 2 above, are the same

4. By date of birth when 1, 2, 3 above, are the same. Older is more senior


16. Para 1-26 What should be done when Soldiers are eligible for promotion to PV2 through SSG without a waiver (fully qualified) but not recommended?

A: Soldiers must be counseled in writing every 3 months and include information as to why the Soldier was not recommended and what can be done to correct deficiencies or qualities that reflect a lack of promotion potential


17. Para 1-27 What are the NCOES requirements for promotion?

A: (1) Warrior Leader Course (WLC) for recommendation to SSG 

(2) Advanced Leaders Course (ALC) for consideration to SFC

(3) Senior Leaders Course (SLC) for consideration to MSG 

(4) U.S. Army Sergeants Major Course (USASMC) for promotion to SGM


18. Para 2-1 What are the three levels of promotion authority and what grades do they manage?

A: 1. Decentralized Promotions; Grades PV2-SPC

2. Semi Centralized Promotions; Grades SGT and SSG

3. Centralized Promotions; Grades SFC-CSM


19. Para 2-2 What will determine a Soldiers’ TIS?

A: The Soldiers’ Basic Active Service Date (BASD)


20. Para 2-3 What are the automatic promotion requirements for PV2-SPC without a waiver and are not flagged or barred?

A: (1) PV2 requirement is 6 months TIS.

(2) PFC requirements are 12 months TIS and 4 months TIMIG.

(3) SPC requirements are 24 months TIS and 6 months TIMIG.


21.  Para 2-3 What must a Company Commander do to deny an automatic promotion?

A: Submit a DA Form 4187 denying the promotion not later than the 20th day of the month preceeding the month of automatic promotion


22. Para 2-3 What must the BN HR do once a Company Commander has submitted a DA 4187 denying an automatic promotion?

A: They must initiate a FLAG transaction using code PA which will stop the automatic promotion


23. Para 2-3 What are the requirements for TIS and TIG waiver requirements?

A: 1. PV2 may be waived at 4 months TIS

2. PFC may be waived at 6 months TIS and 2 months TIMIG

3. SPC may be waived at 18 months TIS and 3 months TIMIG


24. Para 2-3 Can Soldiers that were reduced in grade receive a waiver to retain that grade?

A: No; Soldiers previously reduced must be fully qualified (without waiver) for promotion to the next higher grade


25. Para 2-4 What must the Commander do once they receive the advancement report from the BN HR?

A: 1. Select eligible Soldiers by annotating the report YES for select or NO for denial of promotion.  2. Prepare DA Form 4187’s for those denied promotion on automatic promotion date, promoted with waiver, or promoted after the automatic promotion date


26. Para 2-4 By what date must the BN HR Input appropriate automated system transactions for Soldiers denied automatic promotion?

A: By the 20th of each month


27. Para 2-5 What can units that are only authorized fewer than 10 SPC/CPL positions do for waivers to SPC?

A: They are allowed to promote 1 Soldier to SPC with waiver and must wait until that Soldier reaches their TIS for when they would have received promotion without waiver prior to promoting any other Soldiers with a waiver


28. Para 3-1 For the semi centralized promotions what is the field level responsible for?

A: board appearance, promotion point calculation, promotion list maintenance


29. Para 3-1 For the semi centralized promotions what is the HQDA responsible for?

A: Promotion cutoff scores and the monthly SGT/SSG promotion selection by-name list


30. Para 3-2 Who prepares the promotion point worksheets for board appearance?

A: BN HR specialist and the Soldier is Required to be there when it is being prepared


 31. Para 3-2 When are promotable soldiers required to review and initial the recommended list?

A: Each Month


32. Para 3-3 Why may a SGT or SSG’s promotion be delayed?

A: (1) Probability exists that the Soldier was given promotion consideration in error.

(2) Soldier was granted more administrative points than entitled. 

(3) Soldier’s promotion packet was lost and must be reconstructed.

(4) A determination is pending as to whether duplicate credit was awarded promotion points


33. Para 3-5 What will the promotion packet contain?

A: (1) All copies of DA Form 3355 (Promotion Point Worksheet) (to include original initial) and promotion point worksheet supporting documentation form.

(2) A copy of approved promotion board proceedings.

(3) All supporting documentation used for reevaluation or promotion point adjustment

(4) Upon out-processing, a copy of the recommended list dated no earlier than the previous month will be added to the packet.

(5) Any document used to confirm promotion points on the promotion point addition worksheet form. DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) is a valid promotion point source document.

(6) All documents used to confirm promotion points will be date stamped the date received at the PROM on the front of the document to produce an audit trail.

(7) Memorandum signed by the Soldier stating his/her responsibility in the promotion system


34. Para 3-10 What is the primary zone for SGT and SSG board appearance?

A: 1. SSG: 70 months TIS and 8 months TIMIG.

2. SGT: 34 months TIS and 6 months TIMIG.


35. Para 3-10 What is the secondary zone for SGT and SSG board appearance?

A: 1. SSG: 46 months TIS and 5 months TIMIG

2. SGT: 16 months TIS and 4 months TIMIG


36. Para 3-10 What NCOES level must a SGT complete prior to appearing before a SSG board?

A: WLC; may be waived if deployed by DCS, G1


37. Para 3-10 Can a Soldier in ASAP go to a promotion board?

A: No; a waiver for Self Enrollment can be granted


38. Para 3-10 What is the minimum allowed promotion points for SGT and SSG to be on a promotable?

A: 1. For SSG, minimum of 450 points.

2. For SGT, minimum of 350 points


39. Para 3-10 What are the primary zone requirements for promotion to SGT and SSG?

A: 1. SSG: 72 months TIS and 10 months TIMIG

2. SGT: 36 months TIS and 8 months TIMIG.


40. Para 3-10 What are the secondary zone requirements for promotion to SGT and SSG?

A: 1. 48 months TIS and 7 months TIMIG

2. 18 months TIS and 6 months TIMIG


41. Para 3-11 What must be done for SPC and SGT’s in primary zone that are not being recommended for promotion?

A: BN HR specialist will prepare the DA Form 3355 and forward it to the first-line leader for appropriate counseling. Once the counseling is completed, the CDR will forward DA Form 3355 and counseling documents to the promotion authority for final decision and the Soldier will be counseled Quarterly until they are recommended for promotion or become no longer eligible


42. Para 3-11 When must the BN HR schedule appointments for Soldiers attending a promotion board to complete the DA 3355?

A: No later than the 15th of the month


43. Para 3-13 When must promotion boards be completed?

A: Prior to the 15th of each month


44. Para 3-13 Can Promotion Boards have Soldiers do “Hands on” tasks during the board?

A: The boards will use question and answer format only. Soldiers will not be required to perform hands-on tasks


45. Para 3-13 Prior to sending a Soldier to the board who must ensure that Soldiers are fully qualified in their PMOS prior to?

A: The Commander; Soldier’s NCO’s should verify this prior to recommending Soldier to the Commander or 1SG


46. Para 3-13 What is the personnel that can make up a promotion board?

A: An odd number (at least three) of unbiased voting members and a recorder without vote


47. Para 3-13 Can the board president be a voting member?

A: Yes.


48. Para 3-13 What willbBoard members consist of?

A: (1) If the board members are all NCOs, the president must be a command sergeant major (CSM) or SGM. If the board members consist of officers and NCOs, the president is the senior member.

(2) Members will be at least one grade senior to those being considered for promotion.

(3) At least one voting member will be of the same gender as the Soldiers being evaluated. When this is not possible, the reasons will be recorded as part of the board proceedings.

(4) Voting members will include a minority member if reasonably available.

(5) A nonvoting recorder will be from the BN HR specialist (need not be senior in grade to those being considered for promotion).


49. Para 3-13 How can Soldiers be removed from an automatic integration promotion list?

A: Only by sending them to a Board and the Board Members Voting to Remove the Soldier from the Automatic Integration Promotion List


50. Para 3-13 What will identify who the board members are and what the subjects and other important information about the board?

A: The BN will provide a Memorandum of Instruction (MOI)


51. Para 3-15 What must happen to Soldiers not recommended or not meeting the minimum required points?

A: They will be counseled by the promotion authority and/or the board president and the Soldier and counselor will sign Section D of the DA 3355 Promotion Point Worksheet


52. Para 3-17 What are the minimum requirements for a Soldier to be placed on the automatic integration promotion list?

A: (1) To SGT

(a) 46 months TIS

(b) 10 months TIMIG.

(c) Fully eligible IAW AR 600-8-19.

(d) Not otherwise denied by the CDR.

(e) Have 90 days remaining in Army


(2) To SSG

(a) 82 months TIS.

(b) 10 months TIMIG 

(c) Graduate of the Warrior Leaders Course (WLC).

(d) Fully eligible IAW AR 600-8-19.

(e) Not otherwise denied by the CDR.

(f) Have 90 days remaining in Army


53. Para 3-17 What must Commanders do to deny automatic integration list?

A: 1. Commander must Counsel the Soldier by the 15th of the month and include information as to why the Soldier was not recommended and what can be done to correct deficiencies or qualities that reflect a lack of promotion potential.

2. Provide that counseling to the BN HR for processing

3. This will be a Quarterly Requirement as the Army will place the Soldier on the AA every three months until the Soldier is either promoted, sent to a promotion board or continue to be denied Quarterly.


54. Para 3-18 What are the two reevaluations?

A: Administrative reevaluations and total reevaluations


55. Para 3-18 What is an example of an administrative reevaluation?

A: A Soldier who adds 20 or more new points


56. Para 3-18 What is an example of an total reevaluation?

A: Requesting to appear before a new promotion board


57. Para 3-18 What are the rules for an administrative reevaluation?

A: (1) Soldiers who believe they have increased by 20 points 

(2) CDR will sign a memorandum recommending approval or disapproval. Additionally the CDR may increase or decrease the duty performance points.

(3) An administrative reevaluation is simply a recalculation of the administrative points (DA Form 3355, Sections A and B) by the PROM.

(4) Prior to adding new promotion points, the promotion clerk will complete a total review of the DA Form 3355 and increase or decrease the military training and duty performance points and remove erroneous and outdated points. The adjusted score will be the score that the Soldier must use to add the new points

(5) If the is an increase of 20 or more points over the adjusted score, the PROM will change the Soldier’s score and enter the Soldier’s new score on the current DA Form 3355 and appropriate database. 

(6) The date the reevaluation occurs is the effective month for the adjusted promotion points


58. Para 3-18 What are the rules for an total reevaluation?

A: (1) A total reevaluation includes the entire process: the CDR’s recommendation, promotion board appearance,  and administrative points. A new DA Form 3355 will be filled out to calculate promotion points.

(2) The results of a total reevaluation take the place of the previous reevaluation regardless of outcome including Soldiers not recommended by the board during the total reevaluation, or who fail to achieve enough points to attain promotion list status. Soldiers, who fail to achieve enough points or are not recommended by the board, will be removed from the current list immediately.

(3) The Soldier’s application for a total reevaluation must contain the following statement: I understand that I may lose points and that the results of this reevaluation will take precedence over my current promotion list standing. Additionally, I understand that if the board does not recommend me for promotion or if I do not obtain the minimum required promotion points to maintain promotion list status, I will be immediately removed from the recommended list. This statement will be attached

as a separate continuation document to the DA Form 3355; document must be signed by the Soldier and becomes a permanent part of the promotion packet.

(4) The reevaluation date for a  total reevaluation will be the date the promotion authority approves the promotion board proceedings


59. Para 3-20 What are the two types of promotion point adjustments authorized?

A: (1) Correction of a mathematical error.

(2) Adding or subtracting administrative points


60. Para 3-20 What is required to be submitted to request for promotion a point adjustment?

A: a memorandum listing all supporting documents


61. Para 3-22 What are the only processes allowed for adding or subtracting points?

A: 1. Administrative Reevaluations

2. Total Reevaluations

3. Promotion Point Adjustments


62. Para 3-24 What are the rules for removing a Soldier from the recommended promotion list?
A: a. Inform Soldier of removal in writing.

b. Retain promotion packets for 2 years at BN level and 3 years at RHA

c. Inform Soldier within 5 days of removal.

d. Once removed the action is final.


63. Para 3-24 What adverse actions that require removal from the recommendation promotion list?

A: (1) Conviction by court-martial, including summary court-martial.

(2) Article 15, UCMJ (not including summarized), regardless of whether the punishment is suspended.

(3) Initiation of administrative separation proceedings IAW AR 635–200.  

(4) Memoranda of admonition, censure, or reprimand directed to be filed in the Soldier’s OMPF

(5) A qualifying conviction for domestic violence under the Lautenberg Amendment


64. Para 3-24 Must Soldiers undergoing medical separation be removed from the recommended promotion list?

A: No; Soldiers undergoing medical processing under provisions of AR 635–40 will remain on the recommended list unless separated


65. Para 3-24 What are other reasons Soldiers will be removed from the recommended promotion list?

A: 1. Failure to qualify or maintain security clearance required for the MOS

2. Failure to reenlist or extend to meet a service remaining obligation

3. Enrolled in the Army Weight Control Program

4. Flagged for adverse action

5. Soldier signs DCSS

6. Soldier is has a Bar to reenlist

7. Soldier is directed for Mandatory reclassification as a result of inefficiency or misconduct

8. Release from active duty or enlisted status

9. Dropped from the rolls as a deserter.

10. Failure to maintain the minimum promotion points required to compete

11. Denied a waiver to reenlist.

12. Soldiers promotion packet contains fraudulent documents

13. Soldier fails to complete required MOS training 

14. Failure of record APFT

15. When the promotion authority conducts removal board and recommendations that the Soldier be removed

16. Erroneous selection, i.e. did not meet one or more of the eligibility criteria

17. Soldier is reduced in grade

18. Soldier refuses (in writing) to attend the required NCOES Course

19. Conditionally promoted SSG fails to complete WLC within 270 days post-deployment


66. Para 3-26 When may Commanders conduct removal boards?

A: when a Soldier’s substandard performance or inefficiencies warrant


67. Para 3-26 What must a Commander provide Soldiers prior to a removal board?

A: Written notification at least 15 duty days prior to the date of the board


68. Para 3-26 Who will be on a removal board?

A: The same category of personnel for a promotion board


69. Para 3-26 What must the president of a removal board ensure about testimony?

A: that enough testimony is presented to enable the board members to Fully and impartially evaluate each case and arrive at a recommendation


70. Para 3-26 Does a Soldier being recommended for a removal board have to appear?

A: No; they can decline, in writing, to appear before the board during any or all-open proceedings


71. Para 3-28 What are reasons a Soldier can be reinstated to the promotion recommended list?

A: 1. A Soldier promoted in error to the grade of SGT or SSG

2. A Soldier removed from a list and later completely exonerated from the reason that caused the removal the action that caused the initial removal must have been erroneous or should not have been imposed


72. Para 3-32 What is the service remaining requirement for SSG promotion?

A: 12 months


73. Para 3-40 What are the categories for promotion points?

A: 1. Commander’s Duty Performance points

2. Military Training

3. Awards and Decorations

4. Civilian Education


74. Para 3-42 How long is weapons qualification good for?

A: no longer than 24 months, unless it is through the Soldier’s own fault


75. Para 3-42 How many points will a Soldier receive for a waived event on the PT test?

A: 1. 60 points for a waived event


76. Para 3-43 How many promotion points will a Soldier that wins competition boards be awarded for each board?

A: (1) Soldier/NCO of the Quarter, BDE level, 10.

(2) Soldier/NCO of the Quarter, installation/division, 15.

(3) Soldier/NCO of the Year, major ACOMs, 25.


77. Para 3-43 If a Soldier competes in competition boards and wins every Quarter and Year board to the ACOM Level and at BN Level board winners receive AAM’s and at BDE and above levels ARCOM’s are awarded how many points in Awards section can the Soldier receive within 1 year and how?

A: A Soldier can receive a Total of 205 Promotion Points under the Awards Section:

1. BN QTR & Year receive 2xAAM=30 (1 for QTR and 1 for Year)

2. BDE QTR & Year receive 2xARCOM=40 (1 for QTR and 1 for Year) and also 2x10=20 (Extra Board Bonus Points Awarded for BDE Level wins “twice”)

3. Division/Installation QTR & Year receive 2xARCOM=40 (1 for QTR and 1 for Year) and also 2x15=30 (Extra Board Bonus Points Awarded for this Level wins “twice”)(This level may not do Quarter Boards some do but not all)

4. ACOM Year Board receive 1xARCOM=20 and 1x25=25 (Extra Board Bonus Points Awarded for this Level win) (This Level usually only has a one board per year)


78. Para 3-45 How do you convert classroom clock hours on a technical certificate to promotion points?

A: You divide the Clock hours by 16 to get the total semester hours. Example Electronics Trade Certificate of Completion with 848 Classroom hours, divide 848 by 16 which equals 53 Semester hours


79. Para 3-46 Is a DD Form 214 awarded for previous Military Service a valid promotion point source document?

A: Yes it is a Certified Document and Sources other than the DD214 are not needed as the points can be calculated from the DD214 


80. Para 4-1 When did the centralized promotion system become effective for the enlisted ranks?

A: 1. 1 January 1969 for SGM

2. 1 March 1969 for MSG

3. 1 June 1970 for SFC


81. Para 4-2 What the minimum TIS for promotion consideration to SFC, MSG & SGM?

A: 1. 6 years for SFC

2. 8 Years for MSG

3. 10 Years for SGM


82. Para 4-3 How many members will serve on a Centralized Selection Board?

A: Five


83. Para 4-5 Can a Soldier appear in person to a Centralized Selection Board?

A: No Soldier may appear in person before a DA selection board on his or her own behalf, or in the interest of anyone being considered


84. Para 4-6 What is the list that is posted after a Centralized Selection Board?

A: A Considered/Selected List; it will display the names of all that were considered and only those selected will have a Sequence number beside their names


85. Para 4-6 How are Centralized Sequence numbers determined?

A: Sequence numbers will be based on seniority within each RMOS and will be determined by DOR, then BASD when DOR are the same, then age (oldest first) when DOR and BASD are the same


86. Para 4-13 What does the Acronym STAB stand for`  ?

A: Stand By Advisory Board


87. Para 4-13 What is the purpose of a STAB?

A: To reconsider records when a material error existed in a Soldier’s OMPF when the file was reviewed by a promotion board

 88. Para 10-5 What are some of the reasons a Soldier can be reduced for Inefficiency?

A: 1. Person cannot perform duties and responsibilities of the grade and MOS

2. Any act or conduct that clearly shows that the Soldier lacks those abilities and qualities normally required and expected of an individual of that grade and experience

3. Misconduct, including conviction by civil court

4. Longstanding unpaid personal debts that he or she has not made a reasonable attempt to pay


89. Para 10-5 What is Inefficiency?

A: Inefficiency is a demonstration of characteristics that shows that the person cannot perform duties and responsibilities of the grade and MOS


90. Para 10-5 What may the Commander starting the reduction action present to the reduction authority?

A: (1) Statements of counseling and documented attempts at rehabilitation by chain of command or supervisors.

(2) Record of misconduct during the period concerned.

(3) Correspondence from creditors, attempting to collect a debt from the Soldier 

(4) Adverse correspondence from civil authorities


91. Para 10-18 What are the reasons a Soldier will be administratively reduced or removed from a selection list for NCOES?

A: 1. Fail to successfully complete.

2. Fail to remain eligible to be scheduled for or attend

3. Denied enrollment

4. Do not attend their scheduled NCOES class (through fault of the Soldier)


92. Para 11-3 What ranks are eligible for a Battlefield Promotion?

A: SGT and below are eligible for promotion of one grade if selected


93. Para 11-3 How many Battlefield promotions to NCO can a Soldier recieve?

A: Only 1


94. Para 11-3 Can a Soldier without WLC be promoted with a Battlefield promotion to SSG?

A: Yes; they must complete WLC within 270 days from returning from deployment


95. Para 11-3 For Battlefield promotions PV2-SPC require that minimum TIS and TIMIG be met before the Battlefield promotion?

A: No; Enlisted battlefield promotions (E–2 thru E–4) are exempt from all existing waiver limits