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ADP 1-02 & ADRP 1-02 Operational Terms and Military Symbols 

1. Q. What does ADP 1-02 cover?
A: Operational Terms and Military Symbols

2. Q. What is one of the most important Communications Abilities when Conducting Operations?
A: using a Common Set of Doctrinal Terms and Military Symbols

3. Q. How do you give Shorter and Clearer Orders that convey information with Greater Speed and Less Risk of Misunderstanding?
A: By using Plain, Concise, and Understandable Language

4. Q. What is Doctrine?
A: fundamental principles by which the Military Forces or Elements guide their actions in Support of Objectives

5. Q. What are the four Doctrine Publication types that will be used in the Army?
A: Army Doctrine Publications (ADPs), Army Doctrine Reference Publications (ADRPs), Field Manuals (FMs), and Army Techniques Publications (ATPs)

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6. Q. Where did the term “Fires” Originate?
A: From lessons learned after Operation Desert Storm against the Iraqi Army from the need to coordinate the delivery of Air, Land, and Maritime assets in Time and Space against Targets to enhance their effectiveness

7. Q. What is Joint Fires?
A: Fires delivered from two or more Forces to produce a desired effect to Support a Common Objective 

8. Q. Should terms and abbreviations be classified or unclassified?
A: Unclassified 

9. Q. Who establishes policy for establishing doctrinal terms?


10. Q. What does TRADOC stand for?

A: Training and Doctrine Command

11. Q. What is the definition of Communications?

A: an Exchange of Meaning that is only complete When the Intended Meaning is Understood precisely by the Intended Audience

12. Q. What does the word “Repeat” mean? 

A: Firing at the Same Target with the Same Ammunition for Artillery and Mortar Fire

13. Q. What does the phrase “Say Again” mean?

A: it Asks Someone to Repeat what he or she Previously Said

14. Q. What is an Adversary?

A: a party acknowledged as Potentially Hostile to a Friendly Party and against which the use of Force may be Necessary or Needed

15. Q. What is an Enemy Combatant?

A: An individual Engaged in Hostilities Against the United States or its Coalition Partners during an Armed Conflict. 

16. Q. How are Acronyms formed?

A: from the Initial Letters of a Name or Parts of a Series of Words

17. Q. What is a Military Map?'

A: A Graphical Representation of the Earth's Surface as Seen From Above

18. Q. What is a military symbol?

A: a Graphic Representation of a Unit, Equipment, Installation, Activity, Control Measure, or Tactical Task relevant to Military Operations that is Used for Planning or to Represent the Common Operational Picture on a Map, Display, or Overlay

19. Q. What is a Common Operational Picture?

A: a Single Display of Relevant Information within a Commander’s Area of Interest tailored to the User’s Requirements and based on Common Data and Information shared by More than One Command

20. Q. When using a Map or other Graphical Representation, what should an Operations Center or Command Post’s Common Operational Picture show?

A: Friendly and Enemy Units or Ships, Boundaries, Control Measures, or other Elements the Commander deems Necessary to understand the Common Operational Picture and also Provide any Observer a Basic Understanding of the Situation

21. Q. What are the two Military Symbol Categories?

A: Framed and Unframed 

22. Q. What are Framed Military Symbol Categories?

A: Unit, Equipment, Installation, and Activity Symbols

23. Q. What are Unframed Military Symbol Categories?

A: Control Measures and Tactical Task Mission Symbols

24. Q. What Army Publication explains how to Build Symbols using Basic Components?

A: ADRP 1-02

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