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Maint Management System Clerk10
PLL Clerk10
Motor Pool Operations/Management 10
Generator Operators Course10
Fuel Handlers Course10
Basic Welding10
Fork Lift Operator10
Bus Driver10
Unit Supply Clerk10
Unit Supply Operations/Management10
Unit Armorer10
CBRN Defense10
Unit Postal Clerk10
Disk Operating System10
Word Processing Course10
Database Management Course10
Unit Level Logistics Systems Course10

Below are the Most Common Awards for SGT/SSG go to AR 600-8-19 CH 3-43 for a more comprehensive list

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Also Download other Apps like PMCS and AR 670-1 and no longer have to spend hours in the Motor pool waiting on one old -10 manual to be passed around the Platoon to fill out the 5988.  

Expert Infantry Badge30
Combat Medical Badge30
Combat Action Badge30
Expert Field Medical Badge30
Gold Recruiter Badge20
Basic Recruiter Badge15
Drill Sergeant Badge15
Senior Parachutist15
Rigger Badge10
Divers Badge10
Pathfinder's Badge10
Air Assault Badge10
Air Crewman Badge10
Driver & Mechanics Badge10
EOD Basic10
EOD Senior15
Soldier's Medal40
Bronze Star Medal30
Purple Heart30
Meritorious Service Medal25
Army Commendation Medal20
Army Achievement Medal10
Good Conduct Medal 10
Certificate of Achievement5

You are able to see all the Board Questions and Answers for free on this site.  But to see all them on your phone you must download the App on the App store. 

Many 1SG's and CSM's have this very App on their Phones and use it to ask their Questions during the board.  This is the App that the Board Members have when asking those Questions.